The installation of sewer and water lines is rife with pitfalls. From soil testing to daily inspections and land clearing, the possibility of error can cause serious problems. Here are the five excavation disasters to avoid in Brookline, MO.

1. Land Clearing

Anyone involved in excavation should have experience in land clearing. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. A person performing the job without knowing about buttress fill, dust control, contour rounding or blending is a disaster waiting to happen, so it's important to hire only trained professionals.

2. Independent Soil Testing

Soil testing optimizes the ecosystem’s nutritional balance and eliminates the possibility of contamination. A seasoned excavator doesn't outsource; they conduct soil tests themselves. They want to be sure of the results because misdiagnoses could prove costly if the plumbing system goes bad.

3. Mistakes Involving Elevation

Incorrect elevation limits are usually discovered at some point. It’s an easy fix involving correct measurements, but depending upon when you find the error, you could lose time and money. A trained professional will triple-check the numbers so that work is always done correctly.

4. Failure to Perform Daily Inspections

Seasoned superintendents identify hazards through daily surveys and eliminate the hazards immediately. They know protective systems and how to deploy them to safeguard the project and people. These inspections are critical to knowing the next day’s work is a go.

5. Underground Utilities Improperly Marked

Underground utility mains require marking. Accidents could result from a lack of signs or individuals untrained in reading them. To avoid fines and injury, proper utility markings need to be clear and visible.In the business, we call excavation working in the trenches, and when you hire a contractor to work on sewer and water lines, you want full-service experts in the trenches. Give Lorenz Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning a call to ensure that your Brookline, MO, home gets quality excavation services. Image provided by iStock

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