Water Softeners:

Having trouble getting dishes and laundry as clean as you’d like? Noticing itchy or dry skin and brittle hair? Finding the showerhead has scaley white buildup or stains on the laundry? Hard water may be the culprit. Lorenz Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning has water softeners that help improve the quality of your water. Our service technicians will test your water for signs of hard water and, if needed, give you an estimate on a water softening system.

What Are the Benefits of Water Softeners?

Eliminating hard water/mineral deposits from your water helps safeguard your plumbing from a host of problems. Water softening systems offer multiple benefits that include spending less time cleaning.

  • Water heaters work more efficiently with soft water.
  • Water softener makes cleaning easier,
  • You’ll have softer skin and shinier hair
  • Soft water makes cleaners and detergents work better making laundry easier and softer
  • Appliances clean more effectively and save more on energy
  • Improved plumbing system performance due to the reduction of limescale and mineral deposits in pipes

Water Softener Repair

If your water softener breaks down for any reason, contact your friends at Lorenz to get you fixed up. We repair all major makes and models of water softeners. Don’t wait until a buildup of scale from hard water damages your pipes, drains and fixtures, call us when you first notice a problem.

Water Softener Installation

Does your home or business need a water softening system? It’s easy to find out with a water analysis test by our experienced plumbers at Lorenz. We’ll check for minerals to determine if a water softener would benefit you.

All water softening systems require routine care to keep them operating efficiently and effectively. Our professional water softener installation and maintenance services ensure your water stays soft for many years to come.

To learn more about how a water softener could benefit your home read more here from our blog:


Filtering your drinking water has many advantages, from removing dangerous contaminants and heavy metals, better taste, and reduction of chlorine, to helping the environment by reducing plastic water bottles to name a few. You may not need the fanciest reverse osmosis system or those big jugs of water. Maybe a simple charcoal filter will do. Your friends at Lorenz will point you in the right direction for your water filtration at your home or business.


You use water all the time for drinking, cooking, showering, and washing your hands. Purifying your tap water can remove chemicals, chlorine, dangerous organisms, and heavy metals…. making your water taste so much better. Get your water tested for free today by calling your friends at Lorenz. We’ve been dealing with water for over 40 years and have the knowledge, passion, and expertise to make sure you have the most delicious and clean water around.

Our free in-home assessment will test the following: hardness, chlorine, and PH level. Testing for chemicals or organisms requires an additional fee for testing.

Learn more about water treatment systems here:

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