How's your water quality?

You use water all the time for drinking, cooking, showering, and washing your hands. But how does your skin feel? If it’s dry and itchy, the water could be part of the problem. We see a lot of hard water in homes, that wears down appliances and causes gunky buildup on shower heads-making them impossible to clean. Water softeners and water filtration system can be the hero to your water distress. Purifying your tap water can remove chemicals, dangerous organisms, and heavy metals….making your water taste and body FEEL so much better. Get your water tested for free today by calling your friends at Lorenz. We’ve been dealing with water for over 40 years and have the knowledge, passion, and expertise to make sure you have the most delicious and clean water around.

Our free in-home assessment will test the following: hardness, chlorine, and PH level. Testing for chemicals or organisms requires an additional fee for testing.

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