A water softener can provide big benefits after it's installed in a home in Springfield, MO. Check out the health and financial benefits of adding a water softener system to your plumbing.

Less Maintenance and Costly Repairs

When tap water isn't filtered, it can cause problems as it moves through pipes in a plumbing system. The biggest threats are mineral deposits because they can increase pressure while water travels out of faucets and fixtures.If the pressure is too intense, a plumbing system will work harder in order to maintain consistent water temperatures inside of the pipes. A water softener is a practical solution because it eliminates the ions in tap water before they can destroy vulnerable pipes.

Health Perks

After you take a bath or shower, you'll appreciate how a water softener helps your skin and hair. Because soft water has less mineral content than hard water, it doesn't extract vital oils from your skin easily. As a result, if you take several baths or showers per week, your skin is less likely to develop a mild or severe irritation.Soft water benefits your hair by enhancing each strand's pH level. If you want vibrant, frizz-free hair every time you step out of the shower, a water softener can help.

Laundry Advantages

The minerals in hard water can make your clothes less appealing at the end of each wash cycle. Some minerals can fade vibrant colors, and others can create dingy stains on bright white fabrics. When colorful garments and white clothes are washed in soft water, they become brighter because of the lack of minerals in soft water helps a detergent release its full stain-fighting power during a wash.You must install the equipment correctly. If you need help with this task, contact Lorenz Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning. We offer quality water softener installation services.Image provided by iStock

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