Air filters are made to prevent dust and debris from circulating into your HVAC system. When they are not regularly checked and changed out, they get clogged and that unwanted dust and dirt enter the unit and start to cause wear and tear on the parts. Dirty filters also keep your system from having enough air flow and will eventually prevent it from circulating the air in your home.

How often to check:

We recommend checking your filters monthly, though most filters will only need to be changed every three months. It is especially important to regularly check your filters in higher use seasons to ensure they are clean and working properly.

How to check:

First, you need to know the location of your filter or filters of your system, which can be found in a utility closet, garage, basement, crawl or attic. Once you locate your system, there is typically a filter access door next to the furnace or indoor unit in the return air duct. With older units, the filter may be located within the furnace itself. Some systems use a central grille filter system that is installed in the ceiling or wall and the grille swings open to reveal the air filter.With larger units and homes with more than one hearing or air conditioning systems, there is likely more than one air filter and they can be different sizes.

How to replace:

If you discover that your filter is dirty, you’ll need to purchase a replacement filter in the same size. To replace, remove the old filter and replace with the new one, being sure to take note of the direction of the filter. Most air filters are directional, so you should find an arrow or airflow symbol that shows the direction the filter needs to face. For systems that do not have the directional symbol, look at the air filter to see which side is rougher and that is the side that collects dust and will face away from the system.If you have a permanent non-cardboard air filter, you can actually clean these, rather than replacing them. Just be sure to put the filter back in the same direction it was in before it was removed.We'd be happy to answer any of your air filter questions! Or if you’re interested in learning about our preventative maintenance program where we come out to replace your filters and check on your system, give us a call at 417-863-1122!

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