Colder months can keep you cooped up indoors for most of the day. You may dream of warmer and greener days ahead and not even think about the air you’re breathing indoors at the office or in your home. Indoor Air Quality or IAQ for short, is a great way to manage and control the air indoors. This is especially important in the winter months when your home is closed up from the outside cold weather and when there is less of an opportunity to get outdoors. You might even unintentionally track many more contaminants in your home. Here are helpful tips to consider improving your IAQ (Indoor Air Quality):

  • Consider using a humidifier – The amount of time your furnace runs during the heating season can cause the air in your home to get dried out. This can be managed with the addition of a humidifier onyour HVAC system. How handy to not have to refill that plug-in humidifier every night, huh? Approximately 50% humidity is typically a good level to keep your home. This also helps things be less shocking with static build-up when your humidity levels fall below 40%.
  • Filters matter. A good quality filter on your HVAC system not only helps keep the circulated air clean in your home but also helps maintain a clean system that will last longer and operate more efficiently. And if you have furry friends like dogs or cats, you might consider replacing your filters more than the 90-day standard recommendation. If you have pets, consider replacing your filter every 20-45 days. It may even help those with allergies. Clogged air filters are one of the leading causes of HVAC failure. When your filter is clogged, debris and dust will accumulate on your HVAC system which ultimately leads to more frequent repairs and reduces the lifespan of your furnace and HVAC system. The longer you leave a dirty filter in place, the less comfortable your home will feel. Replacing your filter is one of the easiest ways to avoid those frequent service calls. And if you don’t know how to replace your filters, we can show you!
  • Breathe cleaner with Air Purifiers and Electronic Air Cleaners-No matter how much you vacuum or clean, dust particles will accumulate in your home. Shoes can track in dust and other particles from the outdoors into your home. Pets also carry in a significant amount of dirt and debris into your house. Air purifiers and electronic air cleaners can help get rid of dust particles circulating in your home. And this may be gross, but most dust particles building up are from your skin flakes. Even more reason for an air purifier, right?! An air purifier may be the most effective means of slowing dust and skin flakes flying around your home. And are very effective in removing contaminants from the air of your home, which can help relieve symptoms of allergies, asthma, and other respiratory illnesses.
  • UV filters - Proper air filtration is the first line of defense against the circulation of microbes within your HVAC system. With the right conditions and proper installation, UV lights can be very effective at killing all the icky stuff in the air like viruses, mold, and bacteria.
  • Bi-Polar Ionizers–a bi-polar ionization generator designed specifically for treating air in residential duct AC systems. As the air flows positive and negative ions actively purify the supply air, killing mold, bacteria, and viruses in the coil and living space. The ionization process also reduces allergens, smoke, and static electricity, as well as control odors. Yes, please!

Please note that there is never a guarantee of killing all viruses or bacteria, but it does help in the aid of it. Please discuss in full with your HVAC professional and read related literature before purchasing any filtration product to understand its limitations and to make sure it will meet your needs.

And a little off-topic, but related to air is your air ducts. We get asked if we do air duct cleaning and we are happy to say we do when replacing your HVAC system. Otherwise, there are great providers in 417-land that can help you with that.

Your friends at Lorenz Plumbing Heating and Air are happy to answer any of your air quality questions. As a reminder, we always replace your filters when we come to do your preventative maintenance check-up. If you’re interested in the maintenance plan, give us a call at 417-863-1122.

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