Spring is in the air. You might be opening the windows in your home to let in the fresh air, mowing the lawn for the first time this year, or adjusting the dial on your thermostat from heat to cool. Spring is also the perfect time to look around the outside of your home and check for damages from winter such as missing or cracked shingles on your roof, exterior cracks, or rotting wood, and even examine your gutters and downspouts to make sure they’re in working order. And maybe you’ve already begun the spring cleaning inside your home by putting away winter jackets and heavy clothing. Checklists can be very helpful to use in case you miss something important. Let’s face it, we can only remember so much. More spring tips here in this blog: https://lorenzphac.com/shake-off-the-winter-doldrums-with-our-spring-home-maintenance-checklist/ and HGTV even had a list here to check out: https://www.hgtv.com/lifestyle/clean-and-organize/10-home-maintenance-tips-for-spring-pictures

In the spring, it’s a good idea to give some thought to your HVAC system. I’m sure you will want and need it to work, especially with these hot Missouri summers. At Lorenz Plumbing Heating and Air, we recommend having regular maintenance done every spring and fall for your HVAC system to make sure it’s working as it should. See our maintenance checklist here https://lorenzphac.com/spring-hvac-service/ Our technicians go through an extensive list where theyexamine the ins and outs of your air conditioner. And don’t worry, if there’s anything that is looking worn or needs attention, we will bring it to your attention so you can make the decision to fix it or not.

And if you are on the fence about upgrading or replacing your air conditioner or HVAC system, spring is one of the best times to do it. Although the mild temperatures are nice, your HVAC systemdoesn’t have to work very hard to keep your house comfortable. Checking into it now gives you time to get multiple estimates from HVAC companies when they aren’t as busy in the crazy heat of summer. Many systems break down during the summer months, which is never ideal for you when temperatures are in the 90’s. This also helps you if there are emergency repairs that you have to have done soyou can weigh that against the cost of a complete replacement.

Another consideration is buying a new system in the summer can cost you more than in the spring. Those in the HVAC industry are running as hard as they can to keep up with the demandwhich can also mean that you may have to wait to get your system replaced. And depending on the system you want or need, there could be potential for shortages in the type of equipment you are wanting.

In addition to not being rushed, you can also save money! We’ve seen some incredible rebates and federal tax credits that can save you a lot of money. This is in no way to pressure you to buy, but we find that many homeowners don’t know these rebates and tax credits even exist. Here are the details we currently know…through May 31, 2023, there are rebates through Trane. Depending on the system you choose, rebates can vary. Additionally, local utility companies, like City Utilities in Springfield, offer great rebates for new systems as well. Here are more details on the rebates available with C.U. https://www.cityutilities.net/save/hvac/

For the utility rebates, we do our best to make it as easy on you, like getting all the paperwork ready to file to receive your rebate check or credit. Lastly, there are even federal tax credits available. Obviously, you will want to consult with your tax professional, but these savings combined can save you hundreds and, in some cases, THOUSANDS of dollars on a new HVAC system. As with any rebate or tax credit, there are some restrictions, but we would be happy to show you the savings. We even have financing options available in case you don’t want to spend the money all upfront.

Finally, you’ve got your friends at Lorenz that can help answer air conditioning questions or concerns. If you are needing to schedule your preventative maintenance check-up call us at 417-863-1122 or contact us online here https://lorenzphac.com/contact-us/ We can’t wait to help your air conditioner get in tip-top shape for the summer heat!

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