When it's time to replace the plumbing in your Springfield, MO, home, you'll notice a few signs. Use this plumbing maintenance guide and learn the signs of when it's time to get a new plumbing system.

Discolored Water

Replace the pipes in your home after they begin distributing discolored water to fixtures. Discolored water typically has a brownish tone, so it's easy to spot in the sink, toilet or glass. Rust gives the water a rich brown tone in the plumbing system.Never delay maintenance for this type of plumbing problem because rust and its mineral deposits can lead to a clog. If a pipe backs up, the blockage will create pressure, and this could destroy the pipe.

Old Pipes

Inspect the pipes in your home and determine if their maximum efficiency has decreased. Every pipe has a lifespan, and the efficiency or performance for a pipe decreases after its material bypasses its estimated useful life.Copper pipes stay strong for up to 80 years. Steel pipes perform well for nearly 100 years, and PVC pipes can distribute water effectively for about 45 years.After you've updated all of your old pipes, keep them in optimum condition by signing up for a maintenance plan. We provide maintenance and emergency services that can help you protect new pipes for decades.

Low Water Pressure

Always conduct a thorough inspection when you discover low water pressure in your home before you try to replace parts of your plumbing system. If a leak or clog is causing the low pressure, you could restore the water flow without replacing the pipes. Seek professional maintenance services if you're unable to locate the source of the plumbing problem that's affecting your water pressure.Call Lorenz Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning today to schedule an appointment for our plumbing maintenance or repair services. Both options can help you get the most out of your plumbing system in Springfield, MO.Image provided by iStock

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