When you need an HVAC installation in Nixa, Missouri, the first thing the HVAC contractor does is perform an HVAC load calculation. This load calculation measures what capacity of a heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is right for the structure. The formula takes into account the square footage, orientation, number of windows, building materials, amount of insulation and other factors.

Efficient Heating and Cooling

According to the United States Department of Energy, the right-sizing of the HVAC system in a home or business ensures that the system operates efficiently. An HVAC system with insufficient capacity for the load will have to use more energy to heat or cool the home. An HVAC system with a capacity close to the HVAC load will reach the right indoor temperature without wasting energy.

Save Money

An HVAC system that is too small for the heating and cooling load will have to cycle frequently, increasing the costs of heating and cooling. The excessive cycling will also cause premature wear and tear on the mechanical and electrical components. This results in more breakdowns and a shorter lifespan. Installation of an HVAC system with too much capacity for the heating and cooling load could also increase utility bills. A large HVAC system requires more energy to operate.

Increase Comfort

Calculating the HVAC load and right-sizing the system keeps your home or building more comfortable. A system with insufficient capacity may not do a good job of cooling or heating the indoor air. An HVAC system that has too much capacity compared to the HVAC load will do a poor job of controlling indoor humidity levels. Indoor air that is too humid or too dry feels uncomfortable on your skin. High indoor humidity also promotes biological growth, which may trigger allergy or asthma symptoms.To learn more about how an HVAC load calculation affects your home's energy efficiency and comfort, check out Lorenz Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning's HVAC services, or call today.

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